Trucks are an integral part of Mining and Stone Industry. HYVA ADDA App had vision to include this on the App as the Mines or Stone Industry has to transport the material from Mines or from Storage to the actual place where it is used. HYVA ADDA App has created a Truckers paradise. The Sellers and Buyers of the material, both, need Trucks. The idea of creating this on App is basically for the convenience of our Trade Partners. On the other hand, the advantage for the Truck Owners was also taken into consideration. The Truck Owners can sign in our App and do business without any middle men.

This translates into their making more money as no commission has to be paid to the middle men for booking and transactions. Besides, by log in, they could also check if any enquiry has been posted by the Traders. They can swiftly move and contact the Trader from the App by either calling or through WHATSAPP and can get a new business. The enquiry can pertain to hire or rent for a specific job, or if they want to sell an OLD TRUCK or explore to give on long lease. All these transactions are between the Truck Owner and Trader and no middle men. Advantage Truckers!!

The types of Trucks used are Light, Medium and heavy. By end use Industry Trucks are Mining, construction, logistics. The Truck owners list their Trucks for sale along with the Prices. The Technical details, the year in which it was built and the type of Truck is indicated alongside. For example you wish to buy a USED Dumper or a 10 Tyre Truck, you can log into our App, and inspect the Title “VEHICLES”, you can check your requirement and then call the Seller who has advertised the same, negotiate the price, the terms and conditions for finalization of the deal. You have he facility of either calling him or send him message from the App. You are at liberty to negotiate the best prices with him or if find a similar deal. Additionally, if you look further, you may also find Trucks on hire for specific job. Imagine this saves trouble of exploring through various options like, Newspaper, Magazines and other source of advertisement for renting or buying. We have made your task simpler.

It is a specific platform created for the Truckers. You save the time and energy and on the top of it the deal is directly between Buyer and Seller. You overcome all the hassle of the Agents, who may even misguide you after claiming hefty commission. You save money and do the deal conveniently. By loging in to our App, one can observe the in depth understanding of the commercial market. In brief, we have brought together these Vehicles for you to make a choice according to your requirement. Additionally, we have also created a new segment of Hiring the Vehicles. You will also understand the leaders of the market.

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